We’re currently focusing on growing our affiliate base by getting the Garage Sale Business Kits (see GSBizKit.com) into  the hands of more good hard working people.

Hopefully we have someone in your area right now, but if we don’t, we promise to work hard to get someone ASAP.  We’ll also let you know other ways we can offer you assistance as well in regards to the removal/moving/selling of your item(s).

Who We Are

  •   RMS affiliates are a range of different people and businesses.  Some affiliates are college students or professionals who help people remove and/or sell their items as a side business.  Others are more so full blown businesses.  If you need help removing, moving and/or selling your items, this is the one  stop shop to find good help.

  •   Some affiliates offer traditional (driveway) garage sale services, some offer online garage sale  services, some offer both and some offer other related services to help you remove, move and/or sell your items. 

See affiliate disclaimer.

Contact us here.

If you run a business (or even do this on the side) that helps people remove, move and/or sell items, then we want to hear from you.  We can connect you with people looking for your services. 


Contact us here.   

RunMySale.com Reviews and Testimonials

“This experience was a wonderful way to have a garage sale! We got to relax inside while the Grand Slam Garage sale crew worked so hard to make our sale a success. Our house is tucked in the back of our subdivision, but we had a lot of people come. Thanks guys for all your help.”

 Karen F.

“Great Service, Fills a Real Need.”

Carl H.

“I really thought Ben and his crew did a great job interacting with people who came to the sale.  They grouped things together to sell more items and that made us more money.”

Jonathan A.

“Great job – no hassle for me – very professional. It is a pleasure to support such great young businessmen.”

Beth S.

“Outstanding young men efficient, organized, hard working – GREAT!!!”

Susan T.

“Terrific Service! Made the day so much easier with you guys talking to customers and handling the sale. The Goodwill HAUL OFF was the best part! Thank You! Enjoyed meeting y’all – you are going places!”

Joan S.

“Good service, hard working – wise to work with you!”

Norris F.

“Reliable and professional in every aspect of the contract – great job.”

Ilana R.

“I just wanted to tell you that I was a little nervous about someone coming to my home last night due to all the horror stories you hear. But I have to tell you that your associates were wonderful. They were very polite, professional, and a pleasure to work with. I will definitely give your company high recommendations.”

Charlene T.