We are fully aware that there is a certain amount of joy to be derived fromyour supposedly unwanted items which you would otherwise, have trashed anyway or just let sit there. However, not everyone has the time, energy, or skills to successfully organize a garage sale of their bric-a-brac. Another major challenge lies in being able to engage the services of a reliable garage sale professional to efficiently conduct the sales for you offline and/or online.

Engaging the services of an honest and transparent professional to help you take care of your stuff is the first; and perhaps, the most important step you need to take towards successfully removing and/or selling off your unwanted items; assuming you do not wish to be burdened with the task of doing it by yourself. Because of the challenges that people face in contracting reliable sellers to oversee the sale of their old items, we have taken it upon ourselves to offer you a practical solution in the form of RunMySale.com; which is a platform that brings you in contact with people who have purchased the Garage Sale Business Kit (see GSBizKit.com).  These people or “affiliates” learn through the kits how to successfully remove and/or sell items for people, such as yourself.

Runmysale.com is free, quick and easy to use in finding professionals based in your area to help you sell and/or remove your unwanted items. All you need to do on this platform is to type in information as to what you need help with, and the area where you stay; and we will send you a list of affiliates that are based in your area along with information about their services.

You’re probably wondering who “we” are that created this website.  Well, “we” are Grand Slam Garage Sales (see GrandSlamGarageSales.com). You can also check us and our other services out at GrandSlamGarageSales.com.  We’ve been running garage sales offline and online for people several years as we were founded in 2004.  We’ve seen throughout the years that everybody needs help removing, moving and/or selling items at some point.  We created RunMySale.com as a quick way for people to easily find help in their area.

The “affiliates” are people who have purchased our Garage Sale Business Kit (kit teaching people how to run a business of removing and/or selling people’s and/or businesses’ items).  We can’t guarantee their work, but they are people who have purchased our kit, so they have the will to work and have the information they need to know how to successfully run an offline or online garage sale business. 

See affiliate disclaimer.  

While some of these affiliates are part time college students, some are employed professionals who do this as a means of  •   RMS affiliates are a range of different people and businesses.  Some affiliates are college students or professionals who help people remove and/or sell their items as a side business.  Others are more so full blown businesses.  If you need help removing, moving and/or selling your items, this is the one stop shop to find good help.

  •   Sometraditional (driveway) garage sale services, some offer online garage sale services, some offer both and some offer other related services to help you remove, move and/or sell your items. See affiliate disclaimer